We establish our approach to the experience we have gained during more than 10 years of our work, learning from our mistakes and each time honing our skills. That's why we know how to perform a particular task in an easier and effective way, which approach works in a definite case and which is not.


The basis of our approach is to understand a client needs. If a client comes up just with the initial idea of the product, then we need to understand and discuss it with him, find out which functionality the product will have and advise the technological stack that corresponds to the client's expectations. If a client wants to see how his idea will look like, then we will make a prototype using invisioapp


Advantages of our approach for a client:


We discuss the main scope of the work on the initial stage so a client has a product vision, list of features, mock-ups before we proceed with the development stage.
Depending on what problems the product should solve, we help to determine the main functionality
We choose the technologies wisely and base our choice on a client's budget, the necessity of it the usage and timelines.


If a client comes to us with an existing product /want to update the current software/add/remove some functionality/migrate the backend/replicate the existing software our main goal is to investigate a client’s input. We work on all materials a client have shared with us and present him what can be done and in what way we are going to implement his idea.


Only in the case of a clear understanding of a client needs, we could bring value to him and to his product.