We make your ASP.NET solution faster

Website performance optimization is something that tends to be among top digital priorities today, taking into account an overwhelming level of online competition. Our experts have written many comprehensive tutorials on website performance optimization, organized meetups in our academy and optimized more than 20 complex websites and web apps.


We can help you with front-end optimization for providing your clients with exceptional user experience and improving SEO ranks of your website. Furthermore, we can adjust the performance of a complex ASP.NET application and fix performance flaws on a SQL Server side.


We will help you with:

- ASP.NET performance assessment

- SQL Server performance assessment

- Improving Microsoft Azure service performance

- Resolving all points in Google Page speed insights

- Developing caching strategy


Services you get working with us:

- Image optimization

- Reducing the number of HTTP requests

- Minifying CSS and JavaScript files

- Reducing Latency with a CDN

- Enabling GZip compression

- Moving solution to HTTP/2

- Fixing 404 errors

- Finding performance flaws in ORMs, especially Entity Framework

- Providing the insights on what should be done to make your platform work faster


We focus on Umbraco CMS and provide a wide range of services related to it. Before making a public release of the website, we always make performance optimization first and to automate this process, we developed a powerful and free package called Tinifier.


Thinking of making your website faster? Feel free to contact us!