We develop reliable payment solutions to launch and secure your cash flow. We know the pitfalls that many developers face with. We are aware that slow website can knock down your business, so we pay attention to the performance as well as the security of the solution. The solutions of our clients are integrated with Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, and Amazon. We’ve even worked with payments systems for e-commerce projects in CIS countries.

Be wise in choosing a payment system. You need to keep in mind the following:
- Consider the service fee. At first glance, it seemed to be not the main issue, but your business will be scale and number of customers grow.
- Make sure that a payment system is allowed in countries where you have the initial segment of your target audience.
- Check availability of SDK for .NET platform. We develop solutions based on that framework because of it fast, sustainable and easy to maintain.
- Ensure that a system is one hundred percent secure.
- Choose more than one system to get payment from various segments of your target audience.

If you doubt about a system, we can give you a piece of advice based on your particular case. Feel free to write us anytime.