Integration Solutions

Busines needs data like a human needs a breath of fresh air. We develop integration solutions that synchronize all your data from any CMS or social network or any other applications that have API. We bring data from all mediums to the one place to save your money and time.

Why do you need integration solutions:
- Imagine you have document flow based on SAP or Oracle or 1C system. For another thing, you need to show information from that systems on your mobile application. We can help integrate your accounting systems with mobile applications without any single issue.
- Think of your website that has more than ten thousand pages that need to be translated into Spanish or Italian or any another language. To save your time and not to overman you need to integrate your website with a particular service to get a translation just at the click of a button.
- Consider all your marketing channels as one unite medium. For example, you can integrate with any social network and know what your registered users say about your business on the net.
- Picture your business as predictive and easy to understand the subject that has all information to work with. We can integrate any marketing platform, databases and analytical tools to help you grow.

We provide services to meet your business needs, so we have a special working approach.

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