How can we help?

Here, at SSA Backend we create Umbraco and EPiServer based websites your visitors will love, and you will adore. We help business Improve their KPI’s and drive loyalty of their customers. We use Umbraco and Episerver because they're stable, good looking and have handy UI.

We can help:
• If you are looking for a complex corporate website development;
• If you need a piece of advice about architecture or scalability of your future website;
• If you have a product based on .NET framework and you want to develop a website using the same technology;
• If you want to create a particular plugin for your website;
• If you require migrating from other CMS to Umbraco or Episerver;
• If you are tired of searching in-house specialist in Umbraco or Episerver.
• If you are seeking for a trustworthy partner in e-commerce, development and you need payment systems integration;


Umbraco CMS

Let’s find out why you should choose Umbraco or Episerver. The first CMS has lots of advantages for your business. Let’s have a look:

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• Umbraco solution is open sourced, so you can save money and invest them into other useful things. For example, improve your frontend or backend.
• Because Umbraco is written in C# and deployed on the Microsoft platform, we can integrate the CMS into various products by Microsoft. Let us give you an example. Imagine you need to update your article about a product. You can do it straight in Microsoft Word. The updated copy will appear on your website. So forget about endless hours of wondering in an admin panel.
• Umbraco is mobile responsive CMS. You can bring up to date your content from a tablet or a phone.
• You can use various type of files, such as video, text, images, gifs and other to make your content more viral.
• Umbraco community is a steadily growing. We’re respected members of that community, and we have private educational programs that help our developers grow as professionals to deliver you the better product. Moreover, we write our plugins for the CMS.

EPiServer CMS


Ok, good. We’ve covered lots of advantages of Umbraco. Let's have a quick look at advantage of Episerver development:

• Episerver has regular updates and fixes. Moreover, the support team of the CMS is brilliant, and the guys resolve your issues within 4-5hours.
• This CMS can be integrated with external systems like ERP and MAP;
• The significant benefit of implementing Episerver is that your content creators and editors can modify a content directly from the website pages and make sure that everything looks well after the changes were made;
• Episerver has tools for search engine optimization so you can improve your appearance in Google.

Concentration is important

We are focused on two these CMS’es to deliver you a well working system because we believe that concentration on a narrow segment helps the business flourish.