How can we help?

We help you to choose the right option from the large service list, which provides by Microsoft Azure. Moreover, we can give you a piece of advice how to cut expenses of using your existing solutions based on Microsoft Azure and improve its performance. We can design an architecture of a SaaS or .NET web application. Furthermore,  we can consult how to integrate a service, migrate from another technology, use blobs, containers cloud and analytics, which help you to deliver right action based on generated data. Here are the latest Azure case studies:


Why Azure?

Here are some reasons why we focused on cloud solution by Microsoft:



Microsoft Azure is a trusted cloud service. The major part of fortune 500 companies and U.S. institutions use it in their solutions because the platform is secure and reliable.



You can use technologies, SDKs, frameworks, and tools you love because Microsoft Azure supports both paid and open source solutions.



Azure security center helps you detect, counter and prevent threats.



You have access to various integrated APIs and tools by third party services that help you develop, deploy and manage your application. For example, you can integrate your service with ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries, or Bing search just with a couple of clicks.



With Microsoft Azure, you can scale your application depending on a load. So, if your commercials drive thousands of new costumers to your website, it won't crash anymore.



Azure momentum

Why choose us?

We build cloud solutions that you can rely on anytime. We are specialized in Microsoft Azure that we've been using since it showed up on the market to create back-end solutions.


We are a branch company of SSA group - outsourcing software and web development company and  Gold Application Development Partner of Microsoft. 

We help you handle high loads on your servers by developing custom solutions based on Microsoft Azure. We can’t help if you want to use Amazon Web Services.  We decided to concentrate on one particular area because we believe that concentration equals to success.



We have experience with grown businesses and the new one, which are enormously skyrocketing. EventOPlanner is a good example of such business. It' a large app, which we’ve been developing during four years. The app helps companies plan, organize and execute events, trainings and festivals. The app is a complicated high load system, each event in the app gets more than ten thousand requests per day. We’ve developed more than twenty plugins to integrate EventOPlanner with third party systems, databases and CMSes such as WordPress and Umbraco to construct effective Data management and content creation workflow.

We implemented the infrastructure of the app using Microsoft Azure Services: Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, Storage Accounts, Hybrid Connections, Scheduled Jobs, SQL Azure, Redis.

Feel free to dive deeper into the details of the project or contact us!

What about non-cloud solutions?

Nonetheless, we can create a strong not-cloud solution from scratch or configure the existing one we want to help startups and small business reach their goals by developing a solution that can be deployed on client’s server or a web-hosting. But we think that such approach is more time consuming and has lots of tiny details that you always need keep in mind. If your application faces hundreds of thousands of visitors, you will need to buy lots of servers in advance to support that loads. If you chose cloud solutions, you would leave this worry to the system.