Why is mobile backend important?

The world has changed. In 2014, mobile devices won and desktops fell. Nowadays, no matter what activity you're involved in, you can't leave a house without bringing your handy device with you.


 mobile phones


We help businesses stay online despite any server loads. We design scalable and secure backend for mobile applications and create API for them. Every second when your services are unavailable cost you money. So, we want to save them by building the whole infrastructure from scratch. We also can implement some enhancements for your current system to improve its efficiency and increase your revenue. Besides, we are an IT outsourcing company we put ourselves in your shoes and dive into your business as we do with ours.


How do we create a reliable mobile backend?

Besides, we are an IT outsourcing company we put ourselves in your shoes and dive into your business as we do with ours.



Microsoft Azure
Visual Studio
Microsoft SQL Server
Entity Framework
Microsoft SQL Azure
Document DB
Redis Cache
Redmine (project management)


Our workflow: 
1. Everything starts with a short brief. That contains information about your business problems, goals, budget, technology preferences and deadlines. 
2. Then we create a document with raw estimation of the project. 
3. After this comes a stage of technical requirements. Here our main task is to choose the most convenient technical stack. 
4. Then we create proof of a concept. It’s like a demo of your product. This stage is important when we should choose between technologies. For example, Azure Website or Azure Web App. After we decided what to use we re-estimate the project. 
5. Finally, we can write a code and test it. 
6. Then we publish the project or migrate it to your server. 
7. The last but not least. We present the project to you and show all features that were in the technical requirements. 

It’s important to know that you have an access to project’s assets and documents as well as to developers. 

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We are T-shaped engineers

We are practitioners with particular experience in developing the backend for fitness, trading, oil, event and construction industries.
We are T-shaped engineers. We are focusing on the backend. We always start with a question "How the system should work?" not "How fancy should it look to catch an eye of a user and increase the amount of interaction with a content?". If you need to resolve some issues with front end, feel free to say "Hello" to our mates from SSA Frontend.

Let's discuss your next project. Say us "Hello".