Backend for Mobile

We help businesses stay online despite any server loads. We design scalable and secure backend for mobile applications and create API for them. Every second when your services are unavailable cost you money. So, we want to save them by building the whole infrastructure from scratch. We also can implement some enhancements for your current system to improve its efficiency and increase your revenue.


Mobile API Mobile API
Database Design Database Design
Data Storage Data Storage
Distributed Cache Distributed Cache
Scheduled Jobs Scheduled Jobs
Fulltext Search Fulltext Search
Emails Delivery Emails Delivery
Tuning Performance Tuning Performance
Logging Logging
Backups Backups
Mobile backend development in details
CMS Solutions

We help business Improve their KPI’s and drive loyalty of their customers. We use Umbraco and Episerver because they're stable, good looking and have handy UI.


Umbraco Umbraco
Episerver Episerver
Multiple languages Multiple languages
RSS Feeds RSS Feeds
XML Feeds XML Feeds
JSON Feeds JSON Feeds
YouTube YouTube
Twitter Twitter
PDF Import PDF Import
PDF Export PDF Export
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Cloud Solutions

We build cloud solutions that you can rely on at any time. We are specialized in Microsoft Azure that we've been using since it showed up on the market to build a mobile backend. We help you handle with high loads on your servers by developing custom solutions based on Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Services Cloud Services
Virtual Machines Virtual Machines
SQL Azure SQL Azure
Database Scale-out Database Scale-out
Database Scale-in Database Scale-in
Document DB Document DB
Azure Storage Azure Storage
Service Bus Service Bus
Continuous Integration Continuous Integration
Cloud solutions in details

We create web shops that make a profit using .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, and Umbraco CMS.

Payment Systems Payment Systems
Excel Import Excel Import
Excel Export Excel Export
Facebook Facebook
LinkedIn LinkedIn
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Integration Solutions

Busines needs data like a human needs a breath of fresh air. We develop integration solutions that synchronize all your data from any CMS or social network or any other applications that have API. We bring data from all mediums to the one place to save your money and time.

Custom ASP.NET Custom ASP.NET
Data Validation Data Validation
CMS Data Sync CMS Data Sync
Smart Sync Smart Sync
CRM Data Sync CRM Data Sync
Integration solutions in details
Microsoft .NET
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Azure
Email Delivery (Send Grid)
Visual Studio
Entity Framework
Redmine (project management)
Project management & code storage
team foundation service
Knockout JS
Data format
Redis Cache
Document DB
Glimpse - The Diagnostics platform of the web
subversion (svn)
About Us
Back-end development, Umbraco and EpiServer, high-performance APIs based on .NET technologies and dedicated teams


Megapolis Office Center, Office 607,
Moskovskiy av. 179-B Kharkiv, 61098, Ukraine

Phone +380-94-712-14-87