Today businesses experience a change of digital environment at a rate as never before. The digital age has transformed rules of business games so companies are struggling to adapt to new realities to remain competitive.


A huge marketing budget is no longer a remedy for taking advantage in attracting new customers and innovative, more sophisticated approaches and strategies need to be in place to reach and retain clients.


One of the ways to provide a great website user experience is to increase the speed of page loading.


User experience keeps steadily gain its value because even the most powerful, scalable, and reliable software solutions can fall short of success without a pleasant user experience. One of the ways to provide a great website user experience is to increase the speed of page loading what in turn can be realized through optimization and compression of images. Bearing this in mind, Backend Devs team started elaborating on the solution that would be able to significantly facilitate the loading of website pages.



Backend Devs engineers specialize in development of websites based on Umbraco CMS and always consider Google Page Speed Insights before releasing any website. Having performed a solid analysis of the existing and emerging technologies and combined it with top-notch development methodologies, Backend Devs engineers created TinyPNG – a web service that enables users save up to 40 percent of the image size that had a huge positive influence on time required for page loading.


However, Backend Devs team took an extra mile and developed Tinifier. Complex algorithms and frameworks embedded into this package helped users completely automate the process of compressing and uploading images that helped fully eliminate manual input required while using TinyPNG service.



Today Tinifier is a powerful Umbraco package that has 6 releases, implemented in 110+ websites, helped optimize over 12.000 images, has been downloaded over 2.500 times and mentioned in multiple forum threads across many development communities. 


Tinifier has 6 releases, implemented in 110+ websites, and helped optimize over 12.000 images.


Backend Devs team is constantly working on making incremental improvements to make the solution work even more efficiently and make users from any business domains even more satisfied with the service provided.



Download Umbraco package for free from the Umbraco Projects website or NuGet Gallery.

Check the roadmap on GitHub.

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Individual images optimization
JPEG and PNG formats support
Image optimization on upload
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API requests widget
Bulk optimization
Folders optimization
Optimized image stats
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Redmine (project management)
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