Boston Basics is a parenting and caregiving organization, that provides abundant opportunities to give children from every background a more equal start in life. Boston Basics works with a broad range of institutions to make sure their clients are fully supported by the Boston Basics principles that encompass everything of what experts find important for upbringing children from birth to age of three. 


The idea of the app was to make an educational program interactive and easily available 24/7 in smartphones in addition to having traditional on-site classes.


To improve communication between children and parents and ensure implementation of their best practices and principles into clients’ everyday life, Boston Basics was in search of a reliable partner, who would help them realize their idea. The idea was to build an innovative and easy-to-use app, that would make education interactive and help parents study with their children everywhere in easy and convenient manner. 



Among the key project challenges was the wish of Boston Basics to gradually expand their presence across the United States. Therefore, the app was expected to be scalable and capable of processing massive data amounts coming from the constantly rising number of parents, interested in using the app. 


Backend Devs team developed frontend and back end parts of the application, website, and REST API for native mobile applications development using Umbraco CMS. Being extremely flexible and adaptive tool, Umbraco CMS allowed to combine all the components into unified seamlessly performing system. The implemented functionality allowed to process the growing number of websites registered in the application by subsidiaries of Boston Basics established in new cities. Every new website had own set of functional features and multiple languages.  



Backend Devs engineers developed a cutting-edge digital system which allowed to use the same code-base for creating different multi-tenants and branded websites. The flexible and advanced architecture of the system designed by Backend Devs team enabled creation of websites for different locations with built-in languages and innovative features. 


The cutting-edge multi-tenant system allows to use the same code-base for creating multiple branded websites.


The provided solution enabled Boston Basics to expand their operations across the country and help thousands of parents improve interactions with their children and educate them how to eliminate gaps between socio-economic, racial, and ethnic groups. 



Daniel Miller

Daniel M., MX Advertising & Consulting, USA

Working with Backend Devs has been great. Any request that you have can be met with deliverables of the highest quality and in a timely manner. We would recommend them to everyone.


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