Australian real estate company has a website based on Umbraco CMS. The company needed to grow the functionality of their solution. They needed to implement estate search with multiple filters, pagination, and transition to a detail page. The primary challenge is that client doesn't want to distribute data via Umbraco CMS but has an additional system which produces XML file and put on the FTP server. This type of development requires particular back-end expertise, and current team of client directs mostly on a front end related activities. That was a reason why team considered outsourcing as a possible solution and looked at Poland and Ukraine as potential outsourcing destinations.



Backend Devs team proposed to extend an existing Umbraco CMS database and implement data sync from the remote XML on a daily basis. Another part of the solution was to implement a custom search page which interacts with synchronized data. The real estate supervisor has direct access to the development team, which is critical for using Agile methodology.



- Daily basis data sync
- Predictive search functionality
- Backend Devs solution migrated to the production
- Solution which reduces the necessity of data input in two system



Andrew J., Australia

Backend Devs did a fantastic job on my contract. The work was managed professionally with full project management and delivered on time and to budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Backend Devs for any project, and will, in fact, be using them myself in the future.


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