ALDO is a leading international footwear brand that owns and operates a chain of over 3.000 shoe and accessories stores in more than 100 countries worldwide. ALDO employs 25.000+ professionals and leads all operations from its head office based in Canada.


ALDO gives their customers around the world a unique, differentiated, and exclusive mix of original premium class footwear, combining craftsmanship, quality, and timelessness to achieve high-end fashionability and longevity at affordable prices.


Today’s eCommerce landscape requires market players following the latest digital trends in order to stay competitive.


Today’s eCommerce landscape requires market players following the latest digital trends in order to stay competitive and gain new market share. ALDO set out to develop test automation framework for their existing online shopping platform that aimed at enabling their customers to get innovative, interactive, and informative digital experiences.



ALDO reached out to Backend Devs team for working together on the development and deployment of the innovative and customer-centric solution as we had a profound experience in delivering similar projects always of immaculate quality.


The first challenging part of the project was an establishment of an effective communication process due to a huge time difference between the team and the client. Furthermore, as ALDO was willing to have a digital presence across multiple world locations with different languages, Backend Devs engineers were challenged to design a comprehensive architecture that would perfectly match ALDO's business needs.


Backend Devs engineers created a data-driven testing framework from scratch that allowed them to automatically run a test case multiple times with different input and validation values and to store the data in separate excel files. Then the framework was designed according to SOLID and KISS principles.


The solution supports CA, US, UK, DE and EU versions of websites on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox 


The solution was able to support 3 different browsers (IE, Chrome, and Firefox) and implementation of multithread test execution allowed to substantially decrease regression time. The CA, US, UK, and EU versions of the website were supported without code duplication thanks to using of Spring profiles. 


Throughout the entire project development process, every Backend Devs engineer has been involved in verifying the code with code cross-review, following rigorous code conventions and standards. Furthermore, the performance tests have been conducted in different environments (UAT – QA – PROD) to verify the system had no errors before deployment.


For this purpose, Backend Devs engineers set up and configured the Continuous Integration server based on TeamCity that runs automated tests each night. Performance reports were generated with Allure and sent by email automatically after completion of each test to the TeamCity CI server.


Our solutions consist of multiple modules for primary and subsidiary websites. We sup We are planning to integrate E2E and mobile testing for native applications.



The most significant result is full automation of payment gateway testing such as VISA and PayPal. Backend Devs team delivered a cutting-edge test automation framework, that took testing to the next level and helped ALDO achieve their business goals and solve many of their challenges. The provided solution enabled ALDO to reduce maintenance costs and testing efforts what allowed them to significantly improve productivity and optimize their business processes. 



Noha Gomaa

Noha G., Aldo, Canada

Our company needed automation for our wide variety of eCommerce websites.  We evaluated the solutions provided by Backend Devs and it solved many of our challenges to bring in automation testing within our IT department.  Though, in different geographies, the communication with Backend Devs has been exceptional, the framework and scripts we received went beyond our expectations and we are impressed with the quality of work and commitment provided towards our assignments.  We look forward to continuing a long-term relationship. 



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