We released the ASP.NET management portal for BVS - one of the biggest oil enterprise company in the Eastern Europe. Portal handles mobile applications that operate with a broad range of services provided BVS.

The primary goal of the application is to create and update information like the actual gas stations, fuels, news, etc. and provide API for mobile clients with the real data. Allows to collect and visualize statistical data sent by mobile customers. Intensive data caching performs to minimize the traffic between the application and mobile clients to improve the responsiveness of the mobile application.


Multiple languages supported to provide the customer with the data based on his styles preferences. Each user of the administrative panel can be easily restricted to have access just to specified web pages.

To provide and update the data the application performs multiple MS SQL instances using Dapper micro-ORM. Design based on Bootstrap.


Igor Alekseev

Igor A., Nadezhda, Ukraine

For a software product to become successful on the market, earn the trust of our demanding users and be flexible to the market change, you should entrust your idea to a software development company having extensive experience in the field and a solid professional team.  At the initial stage of our cooperation, we developed a robust software architecture, which made it possible to create a multi-functional data management server and a top-notch mobile app for Android. A mobile app for iOS is currently being developed. Highly qualified professionals and experienced business managers ensure that all the tasks set are always implemented in time. We hope to continue our successful cooperation with the company on a long-term basis.



Background tasks
Distributed Cache
Google maps integration
Fault-tolerant mailing
Users management
Images processing
Daily backups
Secured files storage
Live logs monitor

Project screens

Tools and Technologies

Microsoft SQL Server
Redis Cache
Redmine (project management)
Email Delivery (Send Grid)


ic_Custom ASP.NET Custom ASP.NET
ic_Mobile API Mobile API
ic_Database Design Database Design
ic_Data Storage Data Storage
ic_Distributed Cache. Distributed Cache
ic_Scheduled Jobs Scheduled Jobs
ic_Emails Delivery Emails Delivery
ic_Data Validation Data Validation
ic_Tuning Performance Tuning Performance
ic_Logging Logging
ic_Backups Backups
ic_Multiple Languages Multiple languages