The business environment today is tough and challenging, and technology continues to drive the organizational change agenda. Modern technological tendencies are focused on making operations autonomous and smart, automating a wide range of processes which used to require manual intervention, such as data processing and report generation.


Since data processing and generation of reports are a cornerstone of the daily business operations and integral activities, it’s critical to have a reliable system capable of generating flawless reports for getting real-time valuable insights and making data-driven strategic decisions.


Modern technological tendencies are focused on making operations autonomous and smart.


Our client – a large Australian car dealership company - faced a problem of obsolete and inconsistent software used by their dealers, that generated reports in different formats. The use of legacy software lead to frequent interruptions and serious shortcomings in their business processes.


Our client was in search of the reliable unified solution that could enable them to store and analyze data, and build aggregated and precise business reports.




The client reached out to our team as we had a proven track record in working with data related projects of various scope and complexity. Since the architecture of the future project required thorough evaluation and consideration, our team carried out a range of sessions with the client for retrieving all the information necessary for successful completion of the project.


A fully automated multi-tenant SaaS platform based on latest ASP.NET technologies has been developed by Backend Devs engineers for 6 months.


After collecting all the requirements and defining the project and business goals, Backend Devs engineers came up with a concept of the single data portal with embedded analytics tools and unified reporting modules that would enable the dealers to directly connect to on-premises DBs for full synchronization of data flows.


During 6 months Backend Devs team has been developing a fully automated multi-tenant SaaS platform based on latest ASP.NET technologies. The distinctive feature of the system was that all the Microsoft Azure services - DB, Web App, Storage – could deploy automatically for each tenant via PowerShell cmdlets. Furthermore, Backend Devs engineers implemented PowerBI technology for efficient reports generation.



Backend Devs engineers delivered a powerful cutting-edge data processing platform, that enabled our client to automate and significantly improve processing of their data flows. The report automation feature eliminated the possibility of making errors and freed up time for analyzing valuable data rather than turning it to the unified standard.


The system delivered by Backend Devs helped our client achieve absolute accuracy of their data.


The system provided by Backend Devs team helped our client to save considerable amount of time and resources, improve business processes, and eliminate repetitive and error-prone tasks, ensuring absolute data accuracy.


nick sav

Nick S., DAX365, Australia

Backend Devs has done a really good job. For sure will come back for more!



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