Connect NOAH to Podio


Our client needed a two-way integration between NOAH and Podio as follows:

- Insert client's data (name, email, phone number etc. from Podio to NOAH);

- Push data from NOAH to Podio;

- Create the HTTP link to NOAH to access a NOAH record (from Podio).



The main goal is the two-way synchronization of data. It was achieved by using Podio webhooks and Scheduled jobs. Due to insufficiency of existing API (NOAH system does not contain enough functionality), we decided to create our own API over the Podio database. We have used ASP.NET Core to solve this issue.


The First phase: We have created first application - the API for interaction with the NOAH database.


The Second phase: We have created the second application of direct integration. This application takes hooks from Podio and sends request to the first one about new updates. Also, the second application regularly queried NOAH API by using Quartz library.


We have tested this solution by using various scenarios for adding and updating data.      



The BackendDevs team has created:

- Single web project in MS Azure where we stored all data from Podio;

- The virtual machine from NOAH and the database where we deploy the application that receives data from Azure cloud and wrote them to the database;

- Finally, we got two-way integration NOAH - Podio and Podio - NOAH



Shaun Hughston

Shaun H., Australia

Extremely professional development on a hard project. Very highly recommended.



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