Good news, we released a new stable version 1.2 of Tinifier package. In this version, we add support of the Umbraco 7.7, NuGet package and fix critical issues. The Umbraco package allows compressing images handily. Tinifier is free and already has 1000+ downloads. You can download, read the full list of features, get quick start tutorial, screenshots by this link. Feel free to contribute to our GitHub project UmbracoTinifier.

Implemented features and fixes:

  • Umbraco 7.7 support
  • NuGet package is available
  • Stop tinifing button! You will never stuck.
  • Moved the package images to the plugins folder ("Images in media" issue)
  • Improved performance for batch operations
  • Fixed crash for images which are larger than 14 Mb (limit on TinyPNG server).
  • Fixed "Image stuck in processing" bug
  • Fixed vulnerability issues in DB queries
  • Fixed timer's issue when leaving the stats tab

We are unstoppable and planning a new release soon. If you have any idea or feedback, please contact us.