The new release is established and gives more opportunities to Umbraco users. We are glad to present two new websites which are lead to give a smooth experience and a strong understanding of what we are doing. Trytinifier is a sandbox website where you can try all the latest features and make a decision to install it or not. All the latest news, features, plans and videos are published on our promo website.

tinymce loader

The heart of the release is adding of Image Cropper support and ordering images feature. Let's assume that you have a large media portal with more than 10 content managers and all of them putting media to the root folder. After a year of work, you will get thousands of files inside the Media section and absolutely slow feedback from Umbraco. We propose to have one click over the media folder and pack all files into years/months tree structure. It leads to better performance and easier search an appropriate media. Please, remember you always can discard our changes and back to the initial state.

Release Notes

- Add optimization of cropped images (Image Cropper support)
- Add support of 7.8 and higher versions
- Implement “Sort all media by folders” feature
- Rework “hard reset operation” to ensure the better user experience
- Fix UmbracoPath bug
- Remove filesize limitation
- Sandbox website where you can check how the package works
- Promo website describes all our ideas
- Fix UI issues on the settings page
- Better notifications

Tinifier in Numbers

- 7 Releases
- 200+ Websites
- 6500+ Downloads
- 50000+ Optimized images


- Nuget Package
- Official Umbraco page
- Source Code (GitHub)
- Case Study

If you are reading that part, know we are planning to deliver our package to Microsoft Azure market. Feel free to contact us or post an issue in the Umbraco forum. Your ideas inspire us!