Every person who decided to develop its product can not stay out of the huge competition on software marketplaces. Whether you are a bank employee, a realtor or a product owner of a huge Software company who decided to release its own product, first of all, you will think about whether your product will be in demand, whether it will worth investing money and whether you will find investors who will help you to realize the idea.

All these thoughts are well understood because nowadays lots of software products are failing in the struggle for leadership in Play Store and Google Play. So, if you are anxious about your idea of the future product, but you aren’t ready to spend lots of money on the development, then you have a solution, and this is called MVP.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a product with a minimal set of essential functions. Creating MVP allow you to understand what will be attractive to your target audience so that you can add a handy functionality instead of throwing out a lot of extra features from a ready-made application for which you have spent a considerable amount of sum.

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Imagine, you have an idea to release a travel app that will show the world wide route to the most interesting and unusual sights, including their location, tourist routes and the most convenient access to them. Interesting? I think for you yes, but what your users will say about the product when they will download and try the application. It's obvious will be someone who says that there are more convenient path than your app mentioned, someone will ask you to indicate places on the map where every traveler can arrange a picnic, someone will say that you need to specify the schedule of tourist spots and contact details of some sightseeing or add a chat with Travelers who are nearby

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It turns out that users will ask you to increase the functionality. Only at this stage, you will understand what you need to do to make your product popular and continue the development process by adding useful functionality, releasing each version and gathering real user feedback.

Everything starts with small. Only by receiving feedback from your target audience who is use your application every time planning a trip and choosing their route you can find something that will be interesting to them and avoid unsuccessful attempts that cost you money.

We advise our clients to develop MPV firstly and see how their ideas are working in practice instead of creating something tremendously right away.

We divide the work on MVP into the following stages:

  • Developing the concept of the application
  • Writing a specification for MVP
  • Design creation
  • Product development
  • Release
  • Collection of feedbacks
  • Analyze results and discuss possible further cooperations

We use visual studio online (VSO) as a management tool and team foundation server (TFS) as a code repository, but we can also use Jira or Redmine if a customer requires.

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We can setup project environment on our servers and provide you a stable link (e.g. yourpoject.ssadev.com) which you can share with your colleagues, where they can check the results of the development process and also give their feedback.

For the MVP development stage, we can offer 2 models of cooperation - dedicated team or fixed price type. Each of these approaches has its pros and cons, more details you can find here

The development process can be not so difficult and expensive as you might see at first glance. Remember, the elephant needs to be cut into small pieces, so following this not actually Greenpeace thought you would get a quality product that is interesting to your end users.

Collect your ideas and come to us, we are ready to take care of them!