The purpose of our MeetUp is to get acquainted with the structure of one of the most famous and visited websites on .Net - StackOverflow. We'll look at the overall architecture of the solution, as well as the libraries are written by the StackExchange team for highly-loaded solutions.

During the existence of StackOverflow, a large number of libraries were written, which later were placed in open access to the GitHub. We talk about libraries Dapper (micro ORM), MiniProfiler, StackExchange.Exceptional and Opserver.


  1. StackOverflow architecture
  2. Piano User Voice overview
  3. Dapper - fast DAL
    • How to use it?
    • Compare to Entity Framework
    • Compare to ADO.NET4.
  4. MiniProfiler - measure performance
  5. StackExchange.Exceptional - log me
    • How to use it?
    • Where to store?
    • Why not ELMAH?
  6. Opserver — Houston, we’ve got a problem
    • Integrate with StackExchange.Exceptional
    • Monitor SQL Servers
    • Redis and more
  7. Useful links


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