We have released the free Umbraco back-office extension which helps to compress JPEG and PNG images. Tinifier reduces the size of PNG and JPEG images which, in turn, improve page load time and increases visitors loyalty. The package is based on TinyPNG API and uses inventive lossy compression methods to reduce the file size. The effect is nearly invisible for human eyes, but it gives an enormous difference in file size.

In the screen below you can see that Tinifier reduced the size of the image from 242.6Kb to 102.7Kb. The plugin saved around 60% which is a great result. tinymce loader


  • individual images optimization
  • JPEG and PNG formats support
  • Optimized image stats
  • Total savings widget
  • API requests widget

The following features are going to be added in the next (1.0) release:

  • bulk optimization
  • folders optimization
  • image optimization on upload